When you see the Gaerte name on the valve covers, you know the engine is built on 50+ years of craftsmanship and winning. No black magic, just top to bottom attention to detail and quality.

Listed below are our popular oval track racing engines. We also build custom engines for many other racing applications including power boats, drag boats, tractor pulling, hot rods, and drag racing.

Gaerte 410 Sprint Engine

Lightweight Brodix Block
Crower or Callies Crank
Dyer Connecting Rods
Gaerte Billet Lightweight Front Cover
KSE Crank Driven Water Pump
Barnes Oil Pump
Custom Gaerte Lightweight Oil Pan
Gaerte Fabricated Internal Vent Oil Tank w/ Billet Mounting Brackets
Brown and Miller Hose and Fittings
All Pro Cylinder Heads & Brodix/ Weld Tech Cylinder Heads with Titanium
Gaerte Designed CNC Ground Camshaft
Friction Coated JE or Diamond Pistons
Engler or Kinsler Injection
MSD Pro Mag Ignition System
Complete Dyno Testing
Engine Crate
Available Options
Fuel pump and bypasses
Art’s Radiator

Gaerte 360 ACSC Engine

Callies 4340 Crankshaft
Dyer Connecting Rods
Coated JE or Diamond Pistons
VTS Gear Drive System with Billet Front Cover
Custom Gaerte or C-Line Aluminum Oil Pan
Engler or Kinsler Injection
Brodix ASCS Cylinder Heads (Includes Titanium Intake & Stainless Exhaust)
T-D or Crower Steel Shaft Rocker System
Gaerte In House Designed Custom Ground Camshaft
Barnes Oiling Systems Complete with 3-Stage Oil Pump
MSD Pro Mag Ignition System
Gaerte Fabricated Internal Vent Oil Tank w/ Billet Oil Tank Mounts
Complete Dyno Testing
Engine Crate
Available Options
Complete Fuel System
LSM Lightened Dart Block
Art’s Engine Mounted Radiator
High RPM Lightweight Valve Train
Art’s Radiator

Gaerte Late Model Engine

Brodix Aluminum Block
Crower or Callies 4340 Crank
Dyer Connecting Rods
JE or Diamond Coated Pistons
Gaerte In-House Designed Custom Ground Camshaft
Cloyes Timing Chain
C-Line Oil Pan
Adams Water Pump
ATI Harmonic Balancer
Brodix or Dart Cylinder Heads
Edelbrock or Brodix Intake Manifold Professionally Ported
T-D or Jesel Shaft Rocker
MSD Billet Distributor
Custom Gaerte Carburetor
Michigan H Bearings and Total Seal Rings
Complete Dyno Testing
Available Options
Barnes Oil Pump
Belt Driven Fuel Pump

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